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Chair Buying Guide

Seat Ergonomics

Your office chair should support the back and maintain correct posture, allowing for different movement types and repetitions. Examine your workplace surroundings, considering elements such as work surfaces, lighting, noise levels, humidity and the room temperature.

Office Chair ergonomics
  1. The back rest should allow the spinal column to follow the natural ‘S’ shape. Height adjustability and lumbar supports will help you fit the chair to you.
  2. Seat tilt and slide can be adjusted to improve your comfort. Seat depth should allow the user to use the back support without the front of the seat pad pressing against the back of the lower legs.
  3. Seat height should be just below the knee cap when standing. Allow for your feet to be firmly on the floor when seated.
  4. Arm rests can provide support for the upper body and therefore reduce the stress on the users shoulders and back. However, they should not restrict free movement.

Seat Mechanism Glossary

Operator and Manager Chairs

  • Gas lift adjustment

    Raises and lowers the height of the seat to fit the user.
  • Back Rake adjustment

    Independant seat back tilt control. Lockable in multiple positions.
  • Synchro Seat and Back Tilt

    Seat and back move in a synchronised motion. Lockable in multiple positions.
  • Fully adjustable arms

    Arms adjust in height and lockable in multi positions. Arms are also adjustable left and right positions.
  • Knee Tilt adjustment

    Seat and back move backwards in tandem, lockable in upright position.
  • Back Height adjustment

    Allows the seat back to be highered and lowered to fit the user.
  • Seat Depth adjustment

    Seat slides forwards and backwards to match the users size. Lockable in multiple positions.
  • Lumbar support

    Adjusts internally in the seat back to offer additional support to the lower back.
  • Weight Tension control

    Adjustable to the users weight to ensure smooth reclining action.
  • Independant Seat tilt

    Allows the seat to be independantly tilted forwards and backwards.
  • Height Adjustable arms

    Arms adjust in height. Lockable in multiple positions.
  • Fixed Loop Arms

Fixed Leg Chairs

Choosing your seat material

Leather or Fabric?

Leather Finishes

Leather Swatches
Leather is great!

Fabric Finishes

Fabric Swatches
Fabric is great!